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Navratri Look Ideas

by GTN Engineering 12 Oct 2023
Navratri Look Ideas

With Navratri right around the corner, it is time to check on some Navratri looks and choose some of the best festive attire suggestions.

9 Ultimate Navratri Looks to Try out this Season

It is the season of dance right around the corner, and here are some Indo-western glams to brighten up your Navratri look ideas. With all the 9 days comes immense energy to your dances. And with these 9 ultimate Navratri look ideas, you can now make sure that not one day goes by without a glam. It is time to add some lights to Navratri nights with some festive attire suggestions. With the help of these stylish festive ensembles, it is time to make each day count and make it more unique and memorable.

Classic Silk Saree

Nothing can beat a Navratri look, such as a classic silk saree. This is also the most suggested Navratri fashion for women among young people nowadays. With a saree, you can get 9 different coluors for 9 additional days, which means none of your saree will ever get duplicated. Such a classic silk saree will also make your event way more unique and help you stand out from the crowd.


Styling Tips

  • You can add a long necklace to your classic silk saree for a complete look.
  • You can also add bangles and rings to give a classic look.
  • Adding a red bindi or just adding a plain bindi can make the look more stunning.
  • Wearing a jacket over your saree is also a great idea.

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Trendy Crop Top with a Flared Ethnic Skirt

Nothing brings more joy than twirling around in flared ethnic skirts. It is completely alright even if you do not have a complete lehenga to go with your garba nights. You can still create a glam Navratri look with a crop top paired with a flared ethnic skirt. You can also get multiple options for this crop top and a contrast-based skirt to go with it.


Styling Tips

  • Adding a waistband can make the entire outfit even more glamorous.
  • You can also put your hair up in French braids to keep your hair at bay while dancing.
  • Pairing your crop top and skirt with a heavy dupatta is also a great idea to complete your Navratri look.

Vibrant Lehenga Choli

Navratri is all about including vibrant colours with multiple outfits. And nothing can ever beat a classic lehenga choli, especially with various colors and embroideries on it. It gives you a traditional feel with more options to choose from. With all the sequins and mirror work, you will surely get a great variety of stylish festive ensembles.


Styling Tips

  • You might want to style your outfit with silver pieces of jewelry.
  • You can also add a silver waistband to make your look complete.
  • You can also style your hair with silver ornaments.
  • Kadas is also a great idea if you do not want bangles.

Anarkali Suit

An Anarkali suit is a great way to get a happening Navratri look. With its flare, you can get a twirl which is almost equal to a flared skirt. So, you need not worry. Even if you do not have a blouse and a flowy skirt, you can still wear an Anarkali and rock it. You choose some dark colours to get that amazing Navratri fashion for women.


Styling Tips

  • You can wear embellished juttis for comfortable dancing and a complete OOTD.
  • You can also add some choker and earring set to go along with anarkali.
  • Tying your hair in a bun can also be a great idea to show off your back.

A Blouse and a Flowy Skirt

A blouse and a flowy skirt are a great idea for those who would like to wear a lehenga but do not want it to be heavily embellished. You can also juggle between various flowy skirts and blouses based on the color contrast and create new outfits.


Styling Tips

  • You can keep it simple with just a simple neckpiece and a kada.
  • If you want to spruce your Navratri look up, you can also add a silver headband ornament to your outfit.

Elegant Silk Kurta

Are you looking for a last-minute fix? Well, Kurtis is your go-to savior. You can just put up a simple kurta outfit, even if you wear it with your jeans or a simple pant outfit. You can also keep it trendy with these festive attire suggestions and select either a sleeveless kurta or a full-sleeve kurta based on your comfort level.


Styling Tips

  • You can drape a dupatta into a lehenga style over your kurta and pants pair.
  • Adding juttis will enhance your outfit further.
  • You can also keep it simple with silver ornaments with just jhumkas and a ring.

Indo-Western Glam

Indo-western glam is the new style in town. Especially with the comfort level in these outfits, you can be sure that you are comfortable while you dance your heart out. With these modern festive attire suggestions, you can also be sure that you are in trend and out with a new style.


Styling Tips

  • To give your Indo western glam outfit a traditional turnout, you can add a few silver ornaments, or you can also choose to keep it simple with a headband.
  • You can also wear shoes over your outfit to keep it Western and comfy.

Choli Paired with a Shimmery Lehenga

Want your nights to shine? Well then, here’s a choli paired with a shimmery lehenga to keep your outfit on the glam side. You can choose to wear a simple choli with a shiny skirt to keep your outfit balanced. It is the most chosen Navratri fashion for women, as you are sure to catch some eyeballs during the event.


Styling Tips

  • You can keep it minimal with the shimmery glow of your skirt, or you can glam it up further with heavy ornaments.
  • You can also wear a simple shoe to go with your outfit.

Minimalistic Charm

Keeping it minimal is also quite in trend nowadays. So, if you are looking for another last-minute Navratri outfit, then keeping it minimal with a jeans and black top is the best way to go further. This will also provide you the daily comfort while letting you dance to your best level.

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Styling Tips

  • To improve your outfit, you can add a flowy jacket.
  • You can also add in a few ornaments to keep it traditional and fun.

Accessorizing Your Navratri Look

You can follow some of these general tips to accessorize your Navratri looks:

  • Adding a golden or silver belt enhances your waist while adding a bit of quirk and drama to your outfit.
  • Maathapatti is also a great way to spruce up your hairstyle.
  • You can also carry a handwork potli to put in all your necessary items.
  • Haathphool and maang tikka are also great to add more charm to your outfits.
  • White juttis with floral prints are the catch of the Season and can make your outfit go from zero to ten really fast.

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How to Maintain Festive Outfits Properly?

You might want to follow some of these tips to take care of your festive outfits well:

  • Check the washing instructions and follow them accordingly.
  • Expensive detailing on Indian outfits can be very delicate; hence, squeezing your clothes to dry might not be a great option.
  • You might also want to store your ethnic outfits in a different drawer than your normal clothes.
  • Keep on refolding your outfits at regular intervals.
  • Check for any stains and treat them right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I create a unique Navratri look?

If you want to create a unique Navratri look, you can go ahead with an Indo western glam, or you can also take a minimal look turn with a heavy jacket to accompany it.

2. What type of jewellery complements a Navratri outfit?

The best jewellery that complements a Navratri outfit is silver ornaments. You can pair various jhumkas, Haathphool, maangtikkas, and other ornaments based on your outfit preference.

3. How do I choose the right footwear for my Navratri outfit?

You might want to have comfortable footwear while dancing. Hence, you can either opt for shoes to dance or you can also select juttis for a full Navratri outfit.



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