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      Monogram Socks

      What is “Monogram”?

      Cotstyle, a brand which has pioneered 100% cotton socks is now introducing Monogramming in socks for the first time in India. Monogramming is embroidery that is stitched on the socks. We are offering up to 5 letters to be monogrammed on the socks. Order them to give a unique gift to your family, friends & loved ones or to delight yourself.

      How to order “Monogram Socks”?

      Step 1: Browse through the below catalogue & Select your favourite socks.

      Step 2: Select the colour of the socks and monogram colour we offer is tonal.

      Step 3: Enter the letters you want to monogram (Up to 5 letters allowed)

      Step 4: Click on “Buy now” button complete the purchase.

      Note: Please be informed that Monogram socks are personalised, hence they will not come under our standard return policy.

      *Tonal colour is the lighter or darker shade than the base shade of the selected colour group.

      *We accept monogramming on socks in multiples of 3 pairs

      * Letters can include, special characters, alphabets & numbers