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What To Wear on Holi Festival 2024

by Hamvee Advertising 29 Feb 2024
What To Wear on Holi Festival 2024

The festival of colours is just around the corner, it is high time to prepare for the most pleasurable of all events of the year. However, it does not have to be limited to Where white? Don't worry, we've got you all covered with lots of fun and eye-catching Holi outfit ideas that will make or break your colourful festival showing.

Bura Na Mano Holi Hai:

Bura Na Mano Holi Hai – don't mind, it's Holi! And this saying is there to tell us that we should not be bothered about the little things. At the end of the day, you can always wash off the colours, but you'll never be able to wipe the memories of these moments off your heart. That means without fear of being judged, go really green and celebrate the festival with all your heart. The hope is that by the time people get home, they are happier, more relaxed, and more open to new experiences and connections. Thus, when you are trying to decide on your outfit, aim for comfortable clothing that you would be able to move freely. Descriptive footwear can be also decorative and you get it in different colours. However, a bandana is also a cool idea and if you want to add a hint of your outfit in colour, this is also a good option. Put it in simple terms, All you need to do is to celebrate, enjoy and not mind anything in regard to the level of cleanness. Remember there are many reasons because it's a festival of colours, laughter, and joy of your life.

Does It Need To Be White?:

Now, the big question – does your Holi outfit need to be white? The answer is no! While white is traditional and looks great with all the colours splashed on, you can choose any colour that makes you happy.  It is not just being cool or fun, but it is about your uniqueness. Well, we'll explore Holi dress ideas and what to wear on Holi.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Men’s Holi Outfits:

Comfortable Outfit:

When It comes to men, comfort is the top priority to survive Holi celebrations. For the comfort, moreover, it is very important to look for the outfit being made from the natural fabric like cotton and synthetic materials are breathable. Imagine loose shirts or kurtas that are quite easy to move in.

Comfortable Footwear:

Select closed type footwear that is at the same time both durable and trendy. Make sure they are easy to clean, no matter what colour spills up on you. Warmer weather comes with the hot season and young people are mostly fond of sandals or flip-flops. They are simple, convenient and make great footwear for holi parties!

Fabric Matters:

Do not forget about the type of material, which picks out your garment. Let cotton and synthetic fabrics be your choice during holi to save you from getting extensive stains. They dry up quickly otherwise you don’t get to play or carry on enjoying the holi event while being worried about your wet clothes.

Minimalistic Accessories:

Keep the accessories that are simple though impressive at the same time. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from coloured water but also add sophisticated details. For instance, a coloured scarf or bandana could be a good choice to complement your costume and give you a bit more personality without compromising your taste.

Holi Outfit Ideas For Men:

Time for some Holi dress ideas! While you are looking for Holi dresses be it the local stores or the online platform, a few elements need to be considered. Get the kind of clothing that can stand a bit of water and are soft and comfortable on your skin. Tight-fitting clothes are definitely not your ideal option for dance.Accessories?Absolutely! Consider using sunglasses, scarves or perhaps even a DIY tie-dye item for your own unique way of expressing.

Comfortable Kurta or T-Shirt:

For regular use, choose casual attire like a simple kurta or Round neck T-shirt made of cotton and synthetic materials that breathe and reduce the risk of heat stroke. This effectively makes it easier to take part in the festival of Holi when all the fun happens.

Loose-Fitting Shorts or Pants:

If you're wearing a kurta, style it with loose-fitting and comfortable pants.These rules not only make the look attractive but also provide comfort so that you can participate fully in the merrymaking without discomfort.

Closed Shoes or Secure Flip-Flops:

Select soled shoes that are both strong and attractive or put on your flip-flops in tight. Such shoes are helpful for the type of dress code and can be alright to clean if they get in contact with colour.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Women’s Holi Outfits:

Colourful Dupattas and Accessories:

Add colour to your Holi dress with traditionally appealing accessories. May be a bright hijab, scarf, or up-to-date glasses the finishing point for the outfit, which was made fashionable. Such items not only save you from the sun heat but do act as fashionable accessories too.

Protective Hairstyles:

opt for simple hair-dos that will be kind to your strands and not require constant touch-ups during an holi event. Keep it simple with high ponies, buns, and bright coloured headbands so that there is no extra effort in styling.

Wear Fabric that is Easy to wash:

You could select clothes that wash and dry easily in case there is a chance that a colourful mess will be made. Do your best to find outfits made from materials you can efficiently wash, so that you can fully enjoy the moment without any worries chiefly about the stains.

Budget-Friendly Fashion:

As a female consumer, one can opt for fashionable choices without having to invest in too-expensive brands. Besides that, thrift stores or local markets could be the places where you buy affordable but definitely stylish items which will help you to feel full, as well as, your budget could be helpful.

Holi Outfit Ideas For Women:

Colourful Kurta or Top:

Choose tops with a flowy style from breathable fabric material to keep things cozy. Go for an exciting colour or even a basic white piece to have a blank top where you will put the pop of colour.

Comfortable Shorts, Leggings, or Jeans:

Combine your top with trouser shorts, leggings, or jeans. You have to select the outfits that you can dance in and enjoy in an effortless manner.

Minimal Jewellery and Easy-to-Manage Hairstyle:

Concerning jewelery consider choosing simple & comfort jewels to be on the safe side. For low-maintenance hairstyles opt for the high ponytails, buns or beautifully decorated headbands to prevent your hair from slipping off.


In the end, dressing for Holi is more than just having the clothes, it is a joyful event where you get to express yourself with colours. If you choose to have a basic outfit that you won’t lose colour on, or you get a bit creative with DIY tie-dye, the most important thing to keep in mind is just to embrace the fun of it and expand your unique style through the most vibrant shades of the Holi festival. Therefore, here are the Holi dress ideas this Holi Festive 2024. Check out the Cotstyle's collection and let your closet reflect the same cheerfulness as the event. Now get ready to wear the shades of colour and make this colourful holiday an actual shining celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which fabric is ideal for celebrating Holi?

A: Cotton, being light, breathable, and quick-drying, is the optimal choice. To ensure comfort and a carefree Holi experience, consider selecting cotton tops or t-shirts.

Q: What colours are suitable for Holi clothing?

A: While many people prefer white attire for Holi, embracing other vibrant colours is also acceptable. It is advisable to avoid black or dark colours, as they are less likely to stain easily.

Q: What is the recommended holi dress for Women during Holi?

A: Women can opt for tie-and-dye or solid t-shirts for a stylish celebration. Pairing them with trousers, leggings, and a scarf or dupatta creates the perfect Holi outfit.

Q: What is the recommended Holi dress for men?

A: Opt for a comfortable kurta or a plain white Round neck T-shirt paired with loose-fitting shorts. Closed shoes or secure flip-flops are practical choices, and don't forget minimalistic accessories like sunglasses  for added style. 

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