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10 Types of Socks: Exploring the Variety

by GTN Engineering 16 Nov 2023

10 Types of Socks

Most people believe all socks are the same. But are they really? Well, here is the thing: multiple types of socks are appropriate for various occasions and shoe types. Also, while it may seem very easy to pick the right pair of socks, it might not actually be. In order to pick the right pair of socks, you might want to know more about all the different types of socks and their importance.

Most people make the mistake of choosing any random socks and wearing them however, socks are the one thing that provides your feet with protection. These socks are also quite important in your life as they regulate the moisture content and the temperature and even provide you with comfort in your daily life. So, if you are trying to find the right pair of socks, then you might also want to be well aware of the sock varieties and various sock care tips that will help keep your socks well-preserved for a long time.

Ankle Socks


Ankle socks are a great pair of socks to be worn with shoes that consist of low cut such as sneakers or ankle boots. They are a bit more casual than no-show socks as these socks are quite visible. However, ankle socks are perfect for occasions where you are fine with a little bit of socks showing up but do not want socks that are too bulky on your feet. Ankle socks generally cover just above your feet till your ankles and are still fairly lower than most of the other socks.

  • To be worn with - Casual sneakers or informal low-cut shoes used for running, sports, or gym.
  • Best for - Both men and women

Crew Socks


Also commonly called mid-calf socks, these crew-length socks may extend right between your knee and ankle. These are a great option for those who are wondering what to wear with hiking boots, or high-top sneakers where your shoes themselves come above your ankle level. This allows your crew socks to protect your legs from high shoes. These are also great for protecting your feet from cold during the winter season, as they provide great coverage along with flexibility.

  • To be worn with - Informal or running shoes. Also great for activities such as cycling, and tennis, along with informal purposes. Another use would be during cold days.
  • Best for - Both men and women, depending on their needs

Knee-High Socks


Knee-high socks are mostly worn by women and cover your feet right from the ankle up to knee length. In various industries, these socks are part of the uniform such as for flight attendants, it is preferable to wear knee-high socks. They are also a popular choice when it comes to adding an extra layer of warmth during winter, as they do not just protect you from winter coldness but also keep your ankles away from rubbing or blisters. The extra length of the knee will also ensure that the knee-high socks provide ample insulation during cold weather. Multiple ski socks and athletic socks used in snowboarding, soccer, baseball, and football are also of the same type.

  • To be worn with - Great to pair with running shoes or boots. They are also best for physical activities and can also be worn under boots during winter. Wearing at home during harsh weather is also a great option
  • Best for - Both men and women

No-Show Socks


No-show socks, as the name suggests, indicate that these socks, once worn, will not be visible. These socks sit low on the foot and are generally designed in such a way that they cover toes and heels while remaining invisible behind the shoe. They are great for dress shoes and casual shoes of all types. They also provide enough protection and keep your foot from rubbing while also keeping your feet dry. This, in turn, will also provide a comfortable experience overall.

  • To be worn with - Low-cut dress shoes or sneakers
  • Best for - Both women and men

Over-the-Knee Socks


These are also commonly called thigh-high socks as they extend up to the thighs. They also consist of a thick elastic band or a garter belt to help keep these socks high up and prevent them from slipping or rolling. The most common pairing with these socks is either kilts or skirts. Especially with short skirts, these over-the-knee socks can provide enough protection from the cold weather. Many women also use these over-the-knee socks as a fashion statement with multiple colors and patterns, which adds an extra element to the overall outfit.

  • To be worn with - Can be worn with both dress shoes or boots.
  • Best for - Women

Athletic Socks


Athletic socks are specifically designed for specific activities based on the shoes you wear them with. The features of these athletic socks help improve your performance through stability, comfort, moisture wicking, and breathability. Multiple sock materials are used when talking about athletic socks hence you need to check which one you need for your comfort. While cotton athletic socks are great for cushioning and comfort, wool athletic socks provide breathability and support. The excessive cushioning at the bottom of the feet also ensures comfort for better performance.

  • To be worn with - Athletic shoes and sports shoes such as for tennis, badminton, running and table tennis.
  • Best for - Both men and women athletes.

Formal Socks


It is usually said that the more the length of the socks, the more formal the occasion will be. No-show socks are the most common types of socks worn for casual occasions however, for semi-formal occasions, mid-calf-sized formal socks would be much preferred. These are also great for semi-formal attire or work suits. For a formal occasion, however, go with the over-the-calf formal socks. The sock materials, however, differ in each of these types. The formal socks are made of finer sock materials.

  • To be worn with - Perfect for wearing under loafers and formal shoes
  • Best for - Men and women

Compression Socks

Compression socks are designed in such a way that sit tight on your leg and foot. This helps stimulate blood flow further to these areas, which reduces both pain and swelling. These are best for travel, especially on the airways and during long journeys. These are also great for people who will be sitting for extended periods. These compression socks are also utilised for medical reasons, where one can wear them during pregnancy to reduce swelling in their legs. There are multiple lengths in which these can easily be made available and can range from ankle socks to thigh-high socks. This will depend on the coverage area and the amount of compression required in these areas.

  • To be worn with - Casual shoes and athletic shoes
  • Best for - Both men and women. Especially those who are facing leg swelling problems.

Wool Socks


Wool socks made from wool are a great way to keep your legs warm during the winter. These socks go up to knee length and are specifically designed to provide warmth. They can also help combat odours and insulate your leg from moisture during cold winters. While it is easier to wear your wool socks when it comes to sock care tips, it is also recommended to use a washing machine with lukewarm water to remove any odour just in case.

  • To be worn with - Heavy boots during winter or even indoors.
  • Best for - Both men and women

Monogram Socks


Monogram socks are one of the best socks to be worn on formal occasions. Monogram socks are also great as a gift for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and even anniversaries. If you have been looking for monogram socks that are made from high-quality materials and would like them customized with the initials of the person you want to gift them to then Cotstyle is the best option out here. You can find various styles of monogram socks and with different sock styles to choose from you can find the perfect gift for all your occasions.

  • To be worn with - Formal shoes and even indoors during winters.
  • Best for - Both men and women

Buy Stylish Premium Socks From Cotstyle

In search of premium socks that are of good sock materials? Well, then now get your own style customized on Cotstyle. With Cotstyle you can get multiple choice not just in the materials but also with various designs along with customization for all your occasions. It is surely said that a pair of socks can either elevate or downgrade your outfit, so why not try out a great pair of socks from Cotstyle where you can get perfect sock varieties based on each of your occasions.


Now that you are aware of the different types of socks and the sock care tips it is now easier to buy all the various styles and take care of them for a long time. Various socks in your drawer will also allow you to pair your socks for various occasions accordingly. Your feet need to stay comfortable for you to be comfortable all day long. In the end, it is recommended to go for options that are soft and keep your feet comfortable. In this way, you will not compromise on the sock materials quality while also getting several sock varieties in your drawer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of socks?

Cotstyle's guide on types of socks highlights essential varieties like ankle, crew, knee-high, no-show, over-the-knee, athletic, formal, compression, wool, and monogram socks. Each type serves different purposes, from casual wear to formal occasions, sports activities, and even medical benefits, ensuring comfort, style, and functionality for every need

 2. What colour socks to wear with a blue suit?

The colour of your socks over a suit can either make or break your look. Especially during a formal occasion, it is important to dress accordingly. The best-suited colors to go over a blue suit would be navy, grey, red, and brown.

2. What colour socks to wear with a grey suit?

While it is okay to experiment with various colors on your gray suit, if you want a fool proof sock color for your suit outfit then navy socks are the best apart from which you can also opt for classics such as black and grey socks.

3. What types of socks do you wear with loafers?

Loafers are mostly worn in summer hence you should choose socks with thinner materials. The best type to wear under loafers would be no-show socks.

4. What types of socks do you wear with boots?

You can select from multiple sock types depending on the length of your boots. For example, if you have a tall boot, then you might want to go for over-the-knee socks and if you have a short-style boot, then you might want to select crew socks or ankle socks.

5. What socks are good for standing all day?

If you are standing all day on your feet, then consider that extra comfort while keeping away any swelling in your legs. In such cases, compression socks are the best option you can choose from.





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