T-shirts Product Guide

Mercerised Egyptian & PIMA Cotton

The Egyptian & PIMA cotton that we import goes through mercerisation process at our in-house processing unit. Mercerisation process was discovered in 1844 by John Mercer in which cotton yarns are washed with sodium hydroxide solution, thus making the yarn stronger and lustrous. This mercerized yarn then goes through the yarn composition test in batches. We mean it when we say our polo Shirts is made from mercerized 100% Egyptian/PIMA cotton. Any other combinations are duly listed under each of the products where applicable.


Full Sleeves:

Polo Shirts are available in full sleeves, these are best suited as winter casuals.

Half Sleeves:

Our Half Sleeves polo shirts are best suited for a daily outing.


Circular Knit:

Circular knit works by using yarn with a 360-degree cartridge of needles which creates a seamless tube of fabric - much like how a sock is constructed. The knitting machine and the associated program define the yarn tension at any given point to create the garment shape. All of our Polo Shirts are Circular knitted.


All our garments are made in India. The icons for above-mentioned attributes are present on the product detail page for easy reference.