About us

About Cotstyle

Cotstyle is a premium-clothing brand by GTN Industries, a vertically integrated textile manufacturer in India. Established in 1966, GTN Industries is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. The group employs over 4000 people and has an annual turnover of over INR 1000 Crores with multiple factories across the country. GTN is a major exporter of stylish socks and apparel to top international labels and high-end brands across the USA, Europe, Japan, UK and South Africa among others.

The range of businesses is varied, right from manufacturing and exporting yarn, fabrics, apparel and socks, to manufacturing and exporting engineering products.

We take utmost care in adhering to social compliances and upholding our workers’ rights. Our care for the environment is reiterated through the certifications we have received, namely Oeko Tex and ISO 14000, which signify the use of non-hazardous chemicals and recycled water in the manufacturing process, respectively. You can know more about GTN Industries on our website www.gtnindustries.co

Why Cotstyle?

Fashion goes beyond beauty and age–it is a lifestyle; of choosing quality over price, comfort over convenience, class over fads.

At Cotstyle, we believe in premium quality comfort, which is as sophisticated and fashionable as our consumers. Our in-house designers love to create designs and fabrics with international aesthetic, suitable to the Indian climate. We are constantly on the lookout for new inspirations, be it trends in international fashion or seasonal colours.

With over 5 decades of producing utmost quality of yarn, fabric, socks and garments by GTN Industries, our legacy is unparalleled. We take special pride in the purity of our fabric, which is knitted with love and care in our factories in India. Our range of fashionable socks and clothing is suitable for men, women & children, who love to stand out in a crowd and make a statement. 

Cotstyle.com is a one-stop shop fulfilling your need for finest quality comfortable products, in latest styles, and across all sizes.