Product Guide


Cotstyle is a premium-clothing fashion brand from the house of GTN Industries Group, one of the largest vertically integrated textile manufacturers in India. We manufacture all our products using 100% Mercerized Cotton yarn in our own factory in India. Our woollen socks are made from the finest quality of imported Cashmere and Merino Wool. The quality of the yarn knitted at Cotstyle that goes into making the world’s finest clothing is our pride as well as guarantee.

Our no-show or invisible socks are made from 80% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton and 20% Polyamide Lycra. The woollen socks are composed of 80%Cashmereor Merino wool and 20% Polyamide.

The respective composition is mentioned under each of our products for your easy reference.

Mercerised Egyptian & PIMA Cotton

The Egyptian & PIMA cotton that we import goes through mercerisation process at our in-house processing unit. Mercerisation process was discovered in 1844 by John Mercer in which cotton yarns are washed with sodium hydroxide solution, thus making the yarn stronger and lustrous. This mercerized yarn then goes through the yarn composition test in batches. We mean it when we say our socks/T-Shirts is made from mercerized 100% Egyptian/PIMAcotton. Any other combinations are duly listed under each of the products where applicable.

Mercerised Cotton

We manufacture our Shirts& Trousersusing 100% Mercerised Cotton fabric procured from LUTHAI& SOKTAS, who are one of the world’s best fabric providers.

Our Trousers are made from 100% Mercerised Cotton fabric procured fromRaymond. They are Wrinkle Free

Merino Wool

Cotstyle’s collection of Merino wool socks is made from imported yarns of Merino wool. With solid colours and fashionable subtle designs, Merino wool socks make some of the most desirable woollen socks in our collection. They are composed of 80% Merino wool yarn and 20% Polyamide.

Cashmere Wool

Cotstyle is one of the very few brands to launch Cashmere socks in India. Made from importedCashmerewool, these are one of the most luxurious socks in our collection. They are composed of 80%Cashmerewool yarn and 20% Polyamide. 


Full Sleeves:

All of our shirts except Made to Sample products come in full sleeves that are best suited for formal & casual occasions. Some of our Polo Shirts are available in full sleeves, these are best suited as winter casuals.

Half Sleeves:

Our Half Sleeves polo shirts are best suited for daily outing.



These are best suited to wear with loafers or moccasins. They protect your feet and are invisible under the footwear.

Ankle Length:

These socks appear little above your ankle. We have a huge range of ankle length socks for men and women.

Mid-Calf Length:

These appear till your mid-calf area, little shorter than standard length socks. We have mid-length socks in our Formal Collection for men, in the fine and superfine fabric.

Standard Length:

These are the socks that are most widely available and used in the industry. Standard socks appear till your calf. We have a wide range of standard length socks for both men and women.

Knee High Length:

These are specially designed for people who wear long boots or would choose to use it as a fashion accessory. Knee high socks appear till the knee, available for both men and women.


Circular Knit:

Circular knit works by using yarn with a 360-degree cartridge of needles which creates a seamless tube of fabric - much like how a sock is constructed.The knitting machine and the associated program define the yarn tension at any given point to create the garment shape. All of our Polo Shirts are Circular knitted.


Bi-Tone Polos & Socks are made by combining two different colored threads.This gives the product a unique texture and color. We have bi-tone polos & socks collection specially designed for men.


Ribbed socks are the classic socks in our collection. We have ribbed socks our Formal Collection of superfine socks. These socks look classic and feel comfortable. Images of different kinds of ribbed weaves we have are described below.

Flat Knit:

Flat knit socks are the regular socks that are widely available, and you would be familiar with. We have a wide range of flat knit socks in vibrant colors for both men and women.

Looped-Toe Seam:

Looped-Toe or Hand-Linked toe used for all our socks to put an end to bulky and uncomfortable toe seams. The knit around the toe is seamless and provides more comfort, especially when you’re using it for long hours.

Loose Welt:

We have specially designed loose welt socks, with fine grip and more comfort especially for people who are diabetic or suffer from blood pressure issues.


All our socks are made in India. The icons for above mentioned attributes are present on the product detail page for easy reference.